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The H2H Story

Have you ever wanted what seems like the impossible? Have you ever decided to do whatever it takes to have your deepest desire? Hope to Home’s CEO, Andrea Hedstrom, did just that.

For years Andrea and her husband Paul tried to conceive their second child. After failed attempts they felt called to grow their family through adoption. After much research Andrea and Paul decided to adopt a baby girl from Taiwan.

A child is a priceless gift; however, the country, agency, and government fees are costly and continue to go up and the Hedstroms searched for financial solutions. They asked the tough questions. Is there anyone we can borrow money from? Do we have enough money in 401K and savings? Will friends and family be interested in contributing to our adoption? How do we find help or assistance?

Andrea turned to Yahoo Adoption Groups where she learned about fundraising. Andrea recruited her best friend, Tracey Keene, CEO of Soapbox Studio and COO of Hope to Home to help with the design of the t-shirts Andrea would sell to friends and family. Andrea created her blog and was on her way. Andrea sold 50 t-shirts in two months.

In the spring of 2008, just two months prior to receiving word that Andrea and Paul can travel to Taiwan to pick up Willow Hsin-Yi, Tracey and Andrea took a trip to Atlanta, Ga. Sitting in an artsy café on a beautiful sun filled day, Tracey and Andrea birthed Home to Home: A resource where families can honor their child’s birth country with customized products, create a community for families to share their adoption stories, and share all things adoption. Their mission is to provide a stress-free fundraising opportunity for adoptive families.

With community all things are possible. You can read Andrea and Paul’s adoption story, see how Willow Hsin-Yi is doing today, since coming home in July of 2008, and see the t-shirt designed by Tracey Keene at www.waitingforwillow.blogspot.com.

Visit Hope to Home’s blog hopetohome.blogspot.com for more fundraising ideas or to share you fundraising suggestions.

We understand how it feels to wait for your angel to come home and we are excited to be a part of your journey.



Hope to Home's mission is to provide a fundraising opportunity for adoptive families to raise additional funds to help off-set their adoption expenses, as well as, provide a learning experience for friends and family through our community or stories and social outreach.