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The Stanton Family

The Stanton Family

Hope For The Stanton Family

We are a Christian family of four who would very much like to adopt a special needs child. In our 11 years of marriage, we have been exceedingly blessed with two beautiful girls already, one of whom has special needs. We feel that God is leading us down this path of special needs adoption to our third child, and we are so excited!

As a family, we enjoy outings such as going to the zoo and the park. We enjoy backyard playing and picnics. We attend church on Sundays and teach our children to pray. We are surrounded by lots of family and friends who are always ready to help.

We believe that everyone can learn, but we all learn differently and at our own pace. It is our responsibility to make sure that our children know that God loves them, the difference between right and wrong, that every decision has a consequence (whether good or bad), kindness and how to be a friend, the importance of helping others in need, and what really matters in life.

We also believe that everyone is important, created and loved by God for a specific purpose, and they should be treated as such. No one is better than anyone else in the sight of the Lord, and that is the opinion that matters.

Why Adoption?

In the Summer of 2011, we decided that we would like to pursue special needs adoption to grow our family. This was a new concept for us, something that we had never thought of or discussed until then. We've always thought that adoption seemed like a great idea, and that we should do it "someday." At that time, we hadn't even considered adopting a child with special needs.

While looking for blogs about children like Zoe, I kept finding the blogs of families who had adopted children with various special needs, and they were clearly very happy and excited about getting the word out.

Our eyes were opened. The more reading I did, the more I learned about special needs children and the families who adopted them. Reading about these sweet children forced me to think about Zoe. What if I hadn't been in a position to properly take care of her? I would hope that there was someone who could and would step forward to make sure she had everything that she needed, even in view of her special needs. But I would hope that someone would want her, not just in spite of her disabilities, but because of her disabilities and who she is, just the way God made her. She has been such a blessing to us, and I am so thankful everyday that she was entrusted to us to care for and love. That is why we want to adopt special needs children.

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